Pyjsdl Module
Pyjsdl module is modelled on Pygame/SDL commands that wraps JavaScript functionality including HTML5 canvas. The module permits scripts coded in Python/Pygame to compile to JavaScript using the Pyjs compiler, allowing deployment of Web browser applications online without extensive editing of the script. Current version of the module supports a substantial portion of Pygame functionality, see the API documentation for details. For further information on the Pyjsdl module, check the posts Deploy JavaScript Application Using Pyjsdl, Compile JavaScript Apps with Pyjs and Pyjsdl, Guide to Pyjs and Pyjsdl, and Pyjsdl Demo Apps. The module was derived from the PyJ2D project.

The current version of Pyjsdl is available for download, and the development version at its GitHub repository. Obtain Pyjs compiler from its Github repository. In Pyjsdl design, the PyjsArray module was also developed. Pyjsdl-ts has been developed, a port of Pyjsdl that functions with the Transcrypt compiler. Pyjsdl is released under the MIT License.

Version 0.26 Submitted by Jim on April 18, 2022


Version 0.26

Pyjsdl (Source code, 102K)

Pyjsdl Demo
The demo was compiled to JavaScript from a script coded in Python programming language and the Pyjsdl module. It is derived from Serpent Duel included in Interphase Pack.