Pyjsdl Module

Pyjsdl module is modelled on Pygame/SDL commands that wraps JavaScript functionality including HTML5 canvas. The module permits scripts coded in Python/Pygame to compile to JavaScript using the Transcrypt compiler with strong support for Python 3 syntax, allowing online deployment of Web browser applications without extensive editing of the script. The Pyjsdl-ts package is a port of the previous Pyjsdl package for use with Transcrypt and has the same functionality. Current version of the module supports a substantial portion the Pygame functionality, see the Pyjsdl API documentation for details. For further information on Pyjsdl-ts, check the post Usage of Pyjsdl with Transcrypt.

The current version of Pyjsdl-ts is available for download, and the development version at its GitHub repository. Obtain Transcript compiler from its site. Pyjsdl-ts is released under the MIT License.

Version 0.25.2 Submitted by Jim on December 27, 2021


Version 0.25.2

Pyjsdl (Source code, 95K)

Pyjsdl Demo
The demo was compiled to JavaScript from a script coded in Python programming language and the Pyjsdl module.