PyJ2D Module
PyJ2D module permits scripts coded in Python/Pygame to run in Java virtual machine (JVM) using the Jython interpreter. Since the PyJ2D module was modelled on Pygame commands, this permits the deployment of applets without extensive editing of the script. At present, the module supports a subset of Pygame functionality. See the documentation for details of the module's functionality. The Pyjsdl project has similar functionality for JavaScript applications.

For more information, see the posts PyJ2D: Python-Java2D Applet and Applet Deployment Using PyJ2D. For examples, check the applets derived from my projects that I created using the PyJ2D module. The current version of PyJ2D is available for download, and the development version at its GitHub repository. PyJ2D is released under the MIT License.

Version 0.32 Submitted by Jim on April 17, 2022


Version 0.32

PyJ2D (Source code, 83K)

PyJ2D Demo
The applet is run in JVM using Jython from a script coded in Python programming language and the PyJ2D module. It is derived from Serpent Duel included in Interphase Pack. The browser requires Java plug-in to execute and JavaScript enabled to launch. As this is an unsigned applet, the security setting of the latest release of JVM will block your access.