Pyjsdl Version History

Pyjsdl Module
Current Version: 0.22

0.22 2019-04-06
-add display set_callback method.
-update Canvas handling of callback change.
-add time set_timer method.
-update sprite to revise member groups.
-update sprite argument handling.
-update sprite collide_mask to use mask.overlap.
-refactoring rect for optimization.
-update display setup to accept callback function or object with run method.
-update rect to define __slots__.
-add mouse set_cursor and get_cursor methods.
-add surface toDataURL method.
-update mouse set_cursor to use custom image.
-update surface set_at to optimize.
-update mouse set_cursor to use cursor data.
-update transform rotozoom to optimize.
-update display update method (_update) to optimize.
-update surface blit method (_blit_clear) to optimize.
-update draw arc of nonequal dimension to process properly.
-update draw ellipse to use float scale argument.
-update draw arc to optimize.
-update asynchronous loop process to optimize.
-refactoring time clock object.
-revise with absolute import statements.
-add display methods getAbsoluteLeft/getAbsoluteTop/getScrollLeft/getScrollTop.
-add touch event support.
-update font with minor rendering adjustment.
-update font to include initiation from a file.
-update event peek option of all types.
-update event methods to optimize.
-update color constructor to accept hex '#rrggbb' argument.
-update draw methods to optimize context state change.
-update draw methods to optimize with optional rect return.
-add to launch app in webkit on desktop.

0.21 2015-04-12
-update font to improve fonts access.
-add rect.contains method.
-update image load methods for imagedata objects.
-add display.setup_images method.
-add method.
-add mask.toString method.
-update display.update to properly handle clipping.
-update surface.blit with clipping.
-update rect union methods to process properly.
-add rect iter method.
-add rect collide methods - collidelistall, collidedict, and collidedictall.
-add sprite collide methods - collide_rect_ratio, collide_circle, and collide_circle_ratio.
-refactoring to isolate pyjs.
-refactoring for optimization.
-correct event.pump to maintain queue.
-update IE9+ compatibility files in
-add mousewheel event listener.
-released under MIT license.

0.20 2014-11-09
-add rect union methods.
-update methods to use rect intersection.
-correct surface subsurface rect access.
-add rect rectPool to utilize a rect pool.
-update sprite draw for performance.
-update sprite collide methods processing.
-add rect clamp methods.
-update display setup callback function.
-update display repaint process.
-add mixer.

0.19 2014-08-20
-updated bitset array to avoid js reserved work.
-updated quit function to terminate program iteration.
-updated transform.rotozoom for correct scaling.
-add env.pyjs_mode with strict/optimized bool attributes to check pyjs-S/-O mode.
-correct modifier keys keyevent detect with pyjs -S compilation (worked in -O) with sets membership testing of onKeyDown keycode that appears due to js/pyjs numeric difference.
-update display event to properly clear modifier keys held with onMouseLeave event.
-update display set_caption/get_caption to access Canvas element id.
-add display.get_active method.
-restructure event handler to isolate from UserEvent and JEvent objects.
-update display.update for performance.
-update event eventtype list as a set object.
-update rect inflate/inflate_ip positioning.

0.18 2014-02-27
-updated Pyjsarray typedarray constructor for Chrome compatibility.
-updated Surface constructor to int convert argument.
-updated Transform.rotate positioning.
-updated Transform rotate/flip to restore context.
-added Textbox/Textarea resize method.
-updated Surface.resize for width/height attributes.
-updated Canvas.resize to align elements.
-updated Canvas to subclass Surface.
-updated Canvas with buffered surface optional.
-added display.is_canvas and updated Canvas blit not buffered/image load not converted to canvas surface in IE8; Pyjs VML-Canvas requires IE8 quirk mode - no .
-updated Surface constructor to take optional arguments.
-updated Event.poll noevent return.
-updated Surface.get_at to return color tuple.
-updated Rect attribute positioning.
-added Rect equality and nonzero methods.
-added util.Pyjs_Mode to check Pyjs compilation mode.
-added Color object.
-updated to use Color object.
-updated Rect constructor.
-updated draw methods with minor adjustments.
-updated Mask.fill method.
-updated to use Rect object.
-updated Sprite group update to account for member changes.
-updated util.Timer for output to textarea rather than console logger.
-updated Surfarray array2d PyImageInteger processing.
-updated Surfarray make_surface method.
-added draw.ellipse method.
-updated Pyjsarray Typedarray constructor when type not implemented.
-changed license from GPL to LGPL.

0.17 2013-11-01
-updated Pyjsarray ImageData object for IE compatibility.
-added to call unbound methods.
-updated Surface.blit to int convert argument.
-updated Rect.inflate and Rect.inflate_ip for proper positioning.
-added Textbox/Textarea and display.textbox_init for text input.
-updated mouse positioning with page scroll position.
-updated Surfarray.blit_array.
-added Pyjsarray Ndarray methods.

0.16 2013-09-01
-added Surfarray using Pyjsarray.
-updated Pyjsarray with Ndarray and ImageData objects.
-updated image.load
-updated display.update rect processing
-added display.update_rect method
-updated display.update/display.update_rect/surface._blit_clear rect clipping

0.15 2013-07-30
-added Mask using Pyjsarray and Pyjsbitset.
-added Pyjsarray and Pyjsbitset based on JavaScript TypedArray object.
-added Surface get_at/set_at using Canvas getImageData and putImageData.
-updated Surface.subarray.
-updated Canvas and Surface to use pyjamas.Canvas.HTML5Canvas.
-updated Rect.createIntersection.
-updated - Pyjs git updated for HTML5canvas usage.

0.14 2013-05-15
-added Font rendering to canvas.
-updated Event so key event works in IE browser.
-updated Display.update rect argument for pyjs -O compilation.
-updated Event key handling for IE browser.
-updated Sprite Group __contains__ to work with pyjs.
-updated Surface.blit to take rect argument and return rect.
-updated Surface.fill color argument.
-modified pyjs0.8+ git-130513build ( i. IE9+ compatibility: edited pyjs/src/pyjs/boilerplate/home.nocache.html and pyjs/src/pyjs/, and added to top of main program html in pyjs output. ii. HTML5canvas usage: renamed library/pyjamas/Canvas/

0.13 2013-05-04
-added key events to Canvas.
-updated Event for process JS key events.
-updated Mouse methods variable.

0.12 2013-04-29
-added mouse events to Canvas.
-updated Event to process JS mouse events.
-updated Mouse.get_pressed and Mouse.get_pos for JS mouse events.
-updated Time.wait to use JS Timeout.

0.11 2013-04-26
-updated Sprite.clear to allow callable argument.
-updated Surface._blit_clear with clipping.
-updated Surface.blits to directly call drawImage.
-updated Surface.fill rect argument.
-updated Draw.arc, Transform.rotate, and Rect with int() division.

0.10 2013-04-24
-initial release