Interphase Pack

Interphase Pack includes Serpent Duel, Pod Descent, and Sliding Control Puzzle. Programmed in Python programming language with Pygame multimedia library, it uses the Interphase module to program the interface controls, and the code provides working examples of the use of the Interphase module in Pygame applications. Interphase Pack is released under the GPL v3 license.

Version 1.11 Submitted by Jim on April 7, 2016


Interphase Pack

(Serpent Duel/Pod Descent/Sliding Control Puzzle)

Version 1.11

Interphase Pack (Source code, 82K)

Version 1.1

Interphase Pack (Linux executable, 3.4M)
Interphase Pack (Windows executable, 3.0M)

Serpent Duel
Applet Demo
Run in JVM using Jython and PyJ2D