Pyjsdl-ts Version History

Pyjsdl Module
Current Version: 0.26

0.26 2022-04-18
-revise textarea object.
-revise mouse set_cursor method.
-update surface blit with optional rect return.
-revise time set_timer method.
-add str count method.
-add str splitlines method.
-add surface tostring method.
-revise canvas clear method.
-add surface alpha methods.
-add surface blits method.
-refactor surface blit to optimize.
-revise surface resize.
-refactor rect to optimize.
-refactor mask to optimize.
-refactor time to optimize.
-refactor transform to optimize.
-refactor sprite to optimize.
-refactor sprite collide to optimize.

0.25 2021-11-30
-create pyjsdl-ts port.
-revise module for transcrypt.
-revise sprite orderedupdates.
-revise font render.
-update surface blit for rect arg.
-add sprite group alias.
-revise surface setpixel.
-revise color arg processing.
-refactor sprite collide methods.
-revise imageloader processing.
-revise sprite groupcollide for dict obj key.
-add sprite layeredupdates.
-add cursors get_cursor_types.
-add canvas contextmenu handler.
-revise mouseevent positioning.
-add mouse wheel event.
-add vector object.
-revise mixer processing.
-add mixer music object.
-add mixer channel endevent.
-add mixer channel queue.
-refactor event handler for performance.
-add key set_repeat method.
-revise key event handler.
-update key event handler.

Pyjsdl-ts is a Transcrypt port of Pyjsdl.