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Coding in Python

My projects are coded in Python programming language. Python is an open source, object-oriented, scripting language with clear syntax, and the source code is run directly by the Python interpreter. The Python interpreter can be obtained for numerous operating systems, making the code cross-platform, and has an extensive built-in library that can be enhanced by […]

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Genetic Construct Program

Genetic Construct is a program that generates a visual construct of a genetic sequence. I programmed it in Python programming language for the visual exploration of genetic sequence constructs to discover genetic patterns that could be the genetic signature for gene regulatory switches, or protein motifs and structural domains, biologically important in gene control and […]

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Interphase Module Demo Pack

I created a collection of programs that use my Interphase module to design the interface panel. The programs, packaged together in Interphase Pack, includes Serpent Duel, Pod Descent, and Sliding Control Puzzle. These programs are written in Python programming language and Pygame multimedia module. The source of the programs are provided, and the code can […]

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Python Program Executables

I made standalone executables for Linux and Windows of my Python programs Microbe, Replicator Machine, Neural Construct and Biomorph Entity. These executables were built using cx_Freeze, and have Python and all dependent libraries included, no installation needed. Some details of the cx_Freeze build follows:

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Biomorph Entity Simulation

The Biomorph Entity program simulates a virtual creature. From experimenting with simple rules that govern the interaction of the segments, the computer simulation developed an emergent behaviour of the collective. In the future, I may add genes to express the discreet rules and in using genetic programming techniques bring evolution to the virtual environment, as […]

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Replicant: The Molecule of Life

Replicant is a program that simulates the molecule of life, DNA. The model is based on some simple principles. I wrote it using Python programming language and the Pygame multimedia library. Later, I will try to bring further complexity to the model, such as interaction between complementary bases of the double helix. Submitted by Jim […]

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Microbial Simulation Video

I have uploaded a video clip to demonstrate my program Microbe, a Microbial Simulation. Microbe, written in Python programming language, simulates the biological behaviour of microbes, and explores the dimension of artificial life. You can view the video on the demo videos page. I will upload more clips of my other projects. Submitted by Jim […]

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Interphase Pygame GUI Module

Interphase module is a GUI library that adds interface panel functionality to a Python/Pygame application. I developed the module to make it relatively easy to add an interface panel to a Pygame program. It is used as an interface panel for my biology simulations Microbe, Neural Construct, and Replicator Machine. Go to the Interphase project […]

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Biology Simulations

In addition to extensive updating Microbe - Microbial Simulation, I have updated my other biology simulation programs, Replicator Machine and Neural Construct. These projects have been programmed in Python/Pygame. One important update has been to adapt the GUI interface panel that I started in the Microbe program to function in my other programs. This led […]

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Neural Construct Released

Neural Construct is a neural simulation program. The construct is a neuron matrix that is responsive to stimuli. The individual neurons have been programmed with some basic neuron functionality, and along with the neural interconnections that network through the construct, emerge complex signals. I programmed it in Python/Pygame. Submitted by Jim on August 7, 2009 […]

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Replicator Machine Released

Replicator Machine is a viral infection simulation. The program simulates basic infection in which the virus infects a cell and replicates. In control of a nanobot, you can combat the virus. I programmed it using the Python programming language and the Pygame library. Submitted by Jim on July 12, 2009 at 6:00 pm

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Microbe Released

With the intent to apply a computational approach to experiment with biological concepts, I have been learning programming. I have dual goals, to explore the code of life and to venture into the realm of artificial life. With this aspiration, I have pursued several projects that are designed in Python programming language. One program that […]

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