Biomorph Evolve App

Biomorph Evolve is a computer simulation of biomorph evolution. A biomorph is a form that resembles a living organism. The simulation derives altered biomorph morphology due to an evolutionary process. The program is an implementation of Richard Dawkins‘ Blind Watchmaker algorithm discussed in his book The Blind Watchmaker and his article The Evolution of Evolvability in Artificial Life. The biomorph morphology is under control of a number of genes and undergo random mutation to derive altered biomorph progeny.

In nature evolution is controlled by natural selection, whereas this program is an evolutionary process through artificial selection. The simulation initiates with a group of biomorphs each with a random generated genome. Selection of one of the biomorphs to use as parental form proceeds to the next generation whereby the selected biomorph is placed in the center grid surrounded by mutant progeny biomorphs. Through continuous selection endless forms may be evolved.

Biomorph Evolve was programmed in Python and Pygame and compiled to JavaScript with Transcrypt and the Pyjsdl library to an online deployable app. Controls are lmouse/touch for selection and key-r/touch-swipe for reset.

Biomorph Evolve

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